Hey there! I'm Jaclyn. 

If you were to crack open my 5th-grade yearbook, you'd see that my favorite food was hot dogs and my future goal was to be a writer. One of those things is still true. 

I no longer love hot dogs (I'm actually a vegetarian, much to my family's dismay), but I do want to be a writer. And it just so happens that you may have seen my work on The Muse, Forbes, Business Insider, Mashable, Fast Company, Inc. or Life Hacker.

I would describe my writing style as conversational with a dash of inspiration and touch of sarcasm. Sometimes it's flowery; sometimes it's no-nonsense. I love stringing together words to make my reader feel like they're chatting with their best friend while wrapped in a cozy blanket and enjoying an earthy glass of cabernet.

I recently authored a millennial career guide (coming soon!) and am now working on writing my very first fiction novel. I'd also be super interested in trying my hand at creating content for an animal rights publication.

When I'm not staring blankly at the computer screen, you can probably find me reading a great book, drinking all the coffee, or paddleboarding with my adorable dachshund, Indiana Jones.